Embroidered Hats With Your Corporate Logo Offers a Minimum Added Cost and a Maximum Opportunity

Your corporate wear budget should include hats, hats embroidered with your company logo and perhaps utilizing your company’s colors in the bill or crown of the cap. The purchase of polo shirts is an obvious no brainer, and hats go far to stretch your branding for a very low additional cost. Read more about A Bathing Ape

Hat profiles go from a currently very popular low profile found in sports or golf, to the trucker’s high profile. A hat profile is best defined as to how much of a slant is found in the front. The trucker or high profile slant is almost zero, with the fabric going almost straight up, while the low profile has the least slant.

Another design feature found in hats is whether the front two panels are supported by a buckram fabric that is used to maintain a hat’s shape, known as structured. The lack of that stiffer fabric results in an unstructured hat, which is apparent when a hat droops or flops when it is lying flat. The advantage of an unstructured hat is that the fabric is forgiving and you can easily bend it and fold it or stuff it into your pocket, etc.

Hat fasteners can be Velcro or a buckle made of metal or a fabric slide buckle. Some hats are not adjustable and are purchased in sizes. The flex fit brand is one such fixed size hat and does cost more but does offer a richer look. Fabric considerations are either moisture wicking polyester or the thicker cotton cloth.

All hats can be embroidered with your custom corporate logo. When you select an embroiderer, you should try to avoid buying more hats than you need to get a good price. My advice is to seek an embroiderer who will produce your orders with a no minimum order requirement, and without a tiered price structure that penalizes the buyer for purchase volumes. Volume discounts work well for printers of catalogs and such, but is a poor practice for custom garment embroidery.

Your logo space on most hats is limited to two inches height and four inches width. For visors, the height limit is usually one inch. Some buyers add their website address on the back. With adjustable fasteners you usually can arch that text to conform to the hat’s design. You can also wear your logo on either left or right side of your hat to take full advantage of available message space.

If you can plan ahead and can use a quantity of 150 hats or more for a giveaway or promotion, or have that many employees to uniform; your best value is to find a custom hat program that imports from China or India. A 90 day wait can give you a custom result that will impress everyone and cost no more than you are paying for a much plainer domestically produced hat.

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