In the “Naked Wedding” Era, How Do We Symbolize Our Love?

The new term “Naked Wedding” has been attracting attention in China in recent years. But it’s not what it seems! In reality it means getting married without having an apartment or a car, and even without a wedding celebration or a ring. Couples choose to go without all of these so-called “luxuries” which were previously considered essential to a newlywed couple, and are now being viewed as expendable. It’s considered romantic to focus less on the material and more on the spiritual love of the couple. This trend is making waves thanks to bloggers in China spreading the word about “naked weddings.”

The generation that grew up during the rapid economic development of the ’80’s, thanks to higher education levels and growing material wealth, attained a better quality of life than their parents’ and grandparents’. But when they grew up, got married, and started their careers, they suddenly realized that the economic reality is much harder than they had imagined. High prices, the high cost of living in China, and intense competition for jobs laid a heavy burden on their shoulders. This reality led to the creation of the concept of the “naked wedding” and the trend has spread quickly. best naked cam sites

According to some statistics, the cost of marriage in the big cities can reach a few hundred thousand Yuan, and in some cases the cost may be even as high as two million. To young people just starting out, these numbers are astronomical. For those who are not wealthy, which is the majority, there are two options for celebrating a wedding. The first option is to milk the life savings of the parents, leaving them with nothing for retirement. The other is to buy a house, and a car and have a luxury wedding-and end up with a decade or two worth of debts to repay. This leaves the couple just starting out with a significant burden which will negatively affect their quality of life in the future.

Faced with this harsh reality, many young people started to rethink their attitudes toward having a large wedding. They asked themselves whether the luxury and expense had anything to do with “freedom,” “truth,” and “pure love”. They began asking themselves if everything they had come to expect from a wedding was really “necessary”. They took a hard look at what a wedding was really about and they chose to do without many of the “extras”.

To some extent, the emergence of the concept of “naked wedding” symbolizes the progressive thinking of the new generation, and has had a positive outlook on the perception of marriage by the young people.

But does the Chinese for naked have any other influences apart from a new fashion concept? For most people “love” and “marriage” are once and for always. But might a couple that had a “naked wedding” feel some regrets as they grew older? Wouldn’t they feel that there was nothing to “witness” their love? No wedding reception, no leather-bound album, nothing physical to mark their special day? While the “naked wedding” is a nice ideal, many couples don’t really want to give up all of the traditional wedding trappings. Many couples seeking a “naked wedding” don’t want to be completely naked; they are looking for a compromise.

In both ancient and modern times people gave each other “tokens” of love to express their feelings. Therefore a perfect token to “witness” love in the “naked wedding” era might be a beautiful diamond wedding ring worn on “her” finger.

Young people can find different wedding rings from different materials, according to their financial means and preferences. Of the various wedding ring options out there, the “Diamond Wedding Ring” is undoubtedly the favorite choice. It is well known that the hardness of diamond represents stability. When years pass, the diamond on the wedding ring finger, regardless of its size, keeps its sparkle. It can be passed from generation to generation. Does it not make the diamond the best witness of love for two loving people?

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