What is PayPal Payment Service?402 935 7733 Paypal Phone Number

PayPal is becoming very popular and there would be very few people who would not be aware of such services. All those people, who are into freelancing or who do transactions online, would be aware of these PayPal services that are being offered. These PayPal web services were started in the year 1998 and they were later acquired by eBay in 2002 which is considered to be another giant in its own field. 402 935 7733

With great effort and dedication, pay pal has become a global leader in these payment services and it has more than hundred million people availing its services. Its presence can be felt in fifty five countries across the world. All those people who buy and sell things online or do transactions or businesses online are using these services.

This service is basically an offering which lets the customers make payments for the goods and services bought by them online through them. The customers need not pay money directly to the buyers on their websites and this as a result provides lot of security and safety to the people who are transacting online. This service is very important for such online transactions as most of these online transacting parties are not aware of each other’s complete profile and at times have not even seen each other’s faces. The biggest advantage of this service is that the customer need not give his sensitive information like credit card details and still do transactions online.

The merchant dealing with such services need not have a separate merchant account and also would not be dealing with the credit card details of the customer. All those people who are not willing to make separate merchant accounts or are willing to give multiple payment options to their prospective customers can make use of these services.

The entire process is very simple with these services. The customer who is willing to buy goods from the merchant will click on the payment option provided on the merchant’s website from where he would be taken to the PayPal web hosting service and then he would return back to the seller’s website once the transaction is done. The other features of this PayPal web hosting service are that it does not have set up fees, cancellation fees, monthly service fees, monthly minimum payments, annual membership fees, monthly gateway fees, etc. and the transactions are completed on their site itself instead of the seller.

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